Two Top Rated Asian Cuisine Restaurants In Topeka Kansas

Both of these two Topeka restaurants are going to bring you food from the eastern world, specifically two different Asian cuisines. There is a Japanese steakhouse and an Asian Cafe with foods from various cultures. For example, Korean beef is mentioned in the review highlights for the Asian Cafe. Let’s begin there, and then we will get to the Japanese steakhouse afterward. You can also get pad thai at the Asian Cafe, so that tells you right there that Thai food is also available. The egg rolls and soups are…

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What Is The Weather Like In Topeka KS?

When you are traveling to any area outside of your local area, one of the things you will check on is the weather. This is especially true if you are traveling long distance and may not have visited the area before. For those who are visiting Topeka KS, what kind of weather can you expect? Like many areas of the United States, you are going to experience some weather extremes, depending on the time of the year you are visiting. In the summertime, the temperatures in Topeka can get quite…

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Tech Support 

Putting Your Tech Support Or Call Center In Topeka KS Makes Sense

If you have a business that needs a new location for a call center for consumers, or even an internal tech support center for your many offices, then Topeka, Kansas is a location that makes a lot of sense for such an operation. Kansas is a state that is central within the United States. The geographic center of the country is inside the boundaries of the state, which is why NCAA headquarters are here. That makes it a great place to follow the lead of other businesses that put call…

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Unique Cafe 

A Unique Cafe And A Pizza Pub Are The Next Featured Topeka Restaurants

You have had the privilege of exploring a few Topeka restaurants in last articles, and I’ve decided to show you around the capital city a little more. You will find so many great eats in Topeka, hidden gems even, and so there are some great establishments to feature. There will be two per article, just like with the attractions so that you get a good look at each place and what to expect. Cafe Holliday may not make you initially think of Mexican cuisine, but that is one cool thing…

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The Albino Woman of Topeka, Kansas

There is a legend in the Topeka, Kansas area, the legend of the Albino Woman of Topeka, also known as the White Woman of Topeka. There are a multitude of oftentimes contradictory stories about this mysterious figure, ranging from a simple ordinary albino woman (who many people claim to have met in person and confirmed that there is nothing strange about her) to colorful ghost stories of intense drama but little confirmation, like all the best ghost stories. However, the stories of the woman have persisted for some decades now…

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The Beauty Of Topeka

Some parts of America draw you towards them, and Topeka has to be one of those places. It just has an aura about it that is going to make you feel at home most of the times. For people who are serious about what Topeka has to offer, you should be looking into going as soon as you can. What are you going to like about Topeka once you are on your way to this part of the nation? You will see a lot, and that is going to win…

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