A Unique Cafe And A Pizza Pub Are The Next Featured Topeka Restaurants

You have had the privilege of exploring a few Topeka restaurants in last articles, and I’ve decided to show you around the capital city a little more. You will find so many great eats in Topeka, hidden gems even, and so there are some great establishments to feature. There will be two per article, just like with the attractions so that you get a good look at each place and what to expect.

Cafe Holliday may not make you initially think of Mexican cuisine, but that is one cool thing about this restaurant. You’re also talking about blueberry pancakes and so much more. Cafe Holliday is located on SW 12th Street, and you can also expect other breakfast menu items, sandwiches and more. As you might expect from a cafe, it is a very quaint place according to one reviewer, which is appealing if you ask me. It is ranked #28 out of all of the nearly 300 restaurants in Topeka.

The second restaurant to be featured in this article comes in at #26 according to a top travel site. It is College Hill Pizza Pub, and it is located on SW Lane Street. According to reviews, the place has a great variety, and two pizzas mentioned are a steak and bacon pizza and a chicken Alfredo pizza. There are also different crusts you can choose, and so it is a good spot in Topeka to get some unique pizza.

College Hill Pizza Pub also sounds like a fun place to hang out. Cafe Holliday sounds like a favorite brunch spot, and so you now have two more restaurants to look out for. Enjoy all the great food to be had as you spend your time exploring Topeka and all the things to do in the capital city.