Putting Your Tech Support Or Call Center In Topeka KS Makes Sense

If you have a business that needs a new location for a call center for consumers, or even an internal tech support center for your many offices, then Topeka, Kansas is a location that makes a lot of sense for such an operation.

Kansas is a state that is central within the United States. The geographic center of the country is inside the boundaries of the state, which is why NCAA headquarters are here. That makes it a great place to follow the lead of other businesses that put call centers here, since one center can serve all the primary time zones from ocean to ocean. Every consumer or office you have can line up with the available phone hours most of the day.

Topeka specifically makes a good location because it’s affordable. There’s a lot of undeveloped real estate and room for growth, so new facilities are not expensive to build up, nor are current ones that hard to rent. Since it’s a capital city, there’s plenty of office space available on the market.

Hiring labor and workforce is also good here. There’s plenty of talented, skilled, and educated professionals here looking for work from around the state, and Kansas City is close enough to also draw in commuting talent.

The quality of life and cost of living in and around Topeka is rather good, so you don’t have to offer huge pay rates in order to attract talent, and you might even lure some away from Kansas City that are tired of truly urban life.

If your business needs to set up some kind of central hub for national operations, the location, labor pool, and affordability of Topeka, Kansas, make it a contender you should strongly consider.