The Albino Woman of Topeka, Kansas

There is a legend in the Topeka, Kansas area, the legend of the Albino Woman of Topeka, also known as the White Woman of Topeka. There are a multitude of oftentimes contradictory stories about this mysterious figure, ranging from a simple ordinary albino woman (who many people claim to have met in person and confirmed that there is nothing strange about her) to colorful ghost stories of intense drama but little confirmation, like all the best ghost stories. However, the stories of the woman have persisted for some decades now and a few common threads do create a larger picture of the mysterious White Woman of Topeka.

The story goes that somewhere in the streets of Topeka, there is a wandering albino woman who roams the streets at night. Exactly who she is and why she is out there at night is a matter of some speculation and conjecture. She seldom talks to people and few people can agree on details about her other than the fact that she is an albino woman. The locations this mysterious woman visits are also a matter of contradictory stories, but the most popular story holds that the mysterious White Woman is normally found visiting a specific grave in the Rochester Cemetery each night, but other stories place her in different locations.

Some say that the mysterious White Woman is a normal albino woman who simply has to avoid the sun for medical reasons. Some even claim to know her personally, but those who make these claims try to go out of their way to protect her privacy. Some say that the White Woman used to be alive, visiting the same grave in the Rochester Cemetery for years, before she herself passed on. Some even say that she has recently become a ghost, but others say she always was.