Two Top Rated Asian Cuisine Restaurants In Topeka Kansas

Both of these two Topeka restaurants are going to bring you food from the eastern world, specifically two different Asian cuisines. There is a Japanese steakhouse and an Asian Cafe with foods from various cultures. For example, Korean beef is mentioned in the review highlights for the Asian Cafe. Let’s begin there, and then we will get to the Japanese steakhouse afterward.

You can also get pad thai at the Asian Cafe, so that tells you right there that Thai food is also available. The egg rolls and soups are also recommend, and according to the reviews, the portions are big. One reviewer talks about coming in for lunch and getting to choose from 15 entrees. Plus, you get a soup, a rice and an appetizer. That is one thing about Asian restaurants, they tend to feed you well.

Kiku Japanese Steakhouse is the next restaurant, and it is located on SW 22nd. Kiku Japanese Steakhouse features delicious chicken, steak, sushi, salads and more. People really like the sherbet according to the reviews, and one reviewer talks about birthday parties offering cheesecake. Now that sounds like a pretty good idea for a birthday cake, wouldn’t you agree?

Just like the last restaurant, Kiku Japanese Steakhouse is also known for its portions. Another reviewer talks about this place as being the sushi spot hidden gem. It is liked for many reasons, so you can sample everything if you like. These two Asian restaurants in Topeka sound like a plan, don’t they? If it were me, I would have to say the Japanese steakhouse is the one that would get my first visit. However, I do like the eclectic Asian cuisine menu of the Asian Cafe. You could theme out one of your vacation days and go to both if you are craving Asian cuisine.